The connectivity cloud — A way to take back IT and security control

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Today, everything and everyone in your organization’s IT environment needs to be connected and secured everywhere, all the time. But the cloud, SaaS, Internet, and on-prem domains are intrinsically different, and the tools used to tie them together usually just add more complexity.

All of this results in IT and security teams having less control over their environment — making the whole organization less agile, less secure, and less financially efficient. How can they close the control gap?

A connectivity cloud is a unified platform of cloud-native services that dramatically simplifies secure “any to any” connectivity, helping businesses regain control of their IT environment. This ebook tells you how a connectivity cloud works and how it can help your organization. Check it out to learn:
• Symptoms of loss of IT control
• How connectivity clouds work on a technical and architectural level
• How connectivity clouds help simplify critical IT and security tasks

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